Margery Daniel Logo Margery Daniel, PhD, LCSW

Based in Charlottesville, VA, Dr. Margery Daniel provides clinical case consultation as a resource for clinicians interested in expanding their base of effective psychotherapy techniques. For psychotherapists of any theoretical orientation, Dr. Daniel brings to clinical case consultation a multi-faceted understanding of techniques that foster effective clinician-client alliance and collaboration.

Using the clinician’s theoretical perspective (e.g., psychodynamic therapy, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy etc.), plus the clinician’s assessment of the client, Dr. Daniel and the clinician can explore client expression of feelings, need, anxiety, and ways of relating. These client feelings, anxieties, and patterns of relating are all signals that can alert the clinician to effective types of intervention opportunities. A client’s symptoms, such as those associated with neurobiology, sensorimotor development, ramifications of traumatic exposure, attachment, and anxiety can be addressed in therapy by the clinician who seeks to adapt types of interventions to the capacity of the client. The potential benefits of these informed clinician interventions are that they can assist the client in the processes of anxiety regulation, and in affirming the therapeutic alliance.